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Zap2it‘s Carina Adly MacKenzie visited the cast in Vancouver and talked with Shelley and Phoebe about the Fayana fans and the impact they’ve had. Check out some of it below and the rest over there !

I don’t know where this began. I mean, it obviously started on Twitter, where all of a sudden they ‘shipped’ our names,” she says. She and Phoebe have had fun playing up the ‘Fayana’ for the fans.

I call Shelley ‘Fayana’ now,” Phoebe told us later when we met up with her on set. “When we’re together, we’re like ‘Fayana’s day out!’”

There’s a Valentine’s Day episode that’s awesome,” Phoebe adds. “Because the four of us girls have a sleepover, and it’s just fun. It’s kind of what teenagers probably would use their magic on, which is like, making spells for hot boys.”

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